Thursday, April 14, 2011


This past weekend I headed south and spent a little time in the town on Tampa for work. On Friday night we were lucky enough to score tickets to the last home game for the Tampa Lighting, who’s now in the playoffs. The hockey game was a blast and the Lighting ended up beating the team they were playing. (Side Note – don’t know much about hockey and don’t even know who they were playing that night.) The coolest part of the experience was that in less than (24) hours this ice rink and the hockey players were going to be gone and an arena with bulls bucking and cowboys flying would be center stage.

My hotel room has awesome! I had a great view of the river and a balcony to enjoy it on. On Saturday morning I woke up to rowers working out up and down the river.

On Sunday night I got to experience one of the top 5 dinners in my life. We ate at a steakhouse called Burn’s and it was amazing. You were fed dinner in one portion of the restaurant and once you were finished you got to go on a tour of the kitchen. Burn’s is known for how long they age their beef and the fact that it’s cut to your size on the spot. The food and the kitchen were awesome!

Well, that’s until we got to tour the wine cellar, YES the LARGEST wine cellar in the world. We were in heaven. 


We finished the evening with a lot of giggles and an amazing desert up in the desert room. Burn’s is definitely a stop if you are ever in the Tampa area. The history of the restaurant, wait staff, food and wine are amazing!


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