Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Great White Hunter

Since I started dating Will, aka The Great White Hunter, l I have realized one thing. I would either have to learn to hunt or I would not see him for many consecutive weeks at a time. So, about (4) months into our relationship I geared up and with my good friend Catie took and thankfully passed Hunters Safety class with a bunch of nine year olds.

Yes, it was official I could potentially be lethal. Will and I went turkey hunting in Kansas this past May where I shot my 1st first animal. Then this past weekend we went on our 2nd hunt but first official hunt as husband and wife.

The hunt...

Saturday morning started out at 4:45 am, yes 4:45 in the morning on a Saturday, I was up and going. We arrived in Kiowa shortly before 6:00 and made our way out to our starting “location”. Oh, I forgot to mention Will has an archery buck tag so we were doing a little scouting for him as well that same morning. He had discovered that a herd of deer, that included a very trophy worthy buck, was bedding down in a certain “location”. (Sorry due to our hunting competiveness the majority of the “locations” that we visited cannot be disclosed in this blog post.) Well, this was one of my first experiences with really “stocking” an animal. For those of you that know me, I’m not the quietest person in the world.  But, we made our way out to this “location” and slowly began to sneak up on the herd. The Great White Hunter is not the shortest legged fella so trying to keep up with him and staying quiet was pretty difficult. But, amen! I was quiet we were successful in seeing them but we were too late to get an optimal shot off.

Good news! Back to Katie’s hunt.

We made our way to another “location” and I spotted a nice little buck with a few does up on a hill side. We decided that it might be pretty adventurous to sneak up on the group and possible get a shot off. So, again being very quite we made our way out into the field. Like a good safe hunter I handed my gun to The Great White Hunter as I crawled through the fence and the adventure began. We made our way (30) minutes and one wrong turn up a canyon to the dead end where the antelopes were supposed to be located. We slowly climbed on all fours up a hill and once at the top belly crawled out into an opening to low and behold the big buck antelope walking straight towards us. Success! Well, I couldn’t really see from where I was sitting so The Great White Hunter instructed me to move further into the open space. Ok, again people that know me know I don’t mind getting dirty, but really am I a big outdoorsy bug, weed, and sticker type person. Um no! So, through weeds, stickers and who knows what else with all of my “I am from Colorado dang it” strength I crawled into the opening with guns a blazing (not really but it sounded good). I found the antelope got him sighted in was taking a deep breath getting ready to squeeze……..and The Great White Hunter chimes in let’s pass and move on. What! Really! Are you freaking kidding me! So, we slowly snuck out of the location made the (30) minute trip back to the truck and proceeded on.

The day continued at numerous different “locations”; finding antelope, stocking them and somehow scaring them off. Side note - I only scared off the antelope one time out of all the times we stopped. We finally went back to a previously visited “location” and there “Cletus” was. Yes, I named the antelope. We decided to work our way around him and slowly sneak up on him in a small valley. Well, even with a name like Cletus he was a little smarter than us.  He beat us to the spot and just watched as we tried to sneak up on him. So, The Great White Hunter came up with plan #2. We came at him from a different direction and finally got a chance to get a shot off. Side note – I hope the suspense is building at this point! So, we laid down on the ground got the gun set-up I got him in my cross hairs (Yes, I know some hunting lingo) and was about ready to squeeze……..and he moved. So I situated myself once again, The Great White Hunter got him to pause for a moment and in the word of Emeril - BAM!!!!!

 Here pictured Cletus “My 1st Kill” antelope.
Shot from 150 yards with a 243 Weatherby by Mrs. White (me), a lady who makes camouflage clothing look darn good, on October 2nd in a great “location”.

Watch out world this big haired former single girl is officially lethal.

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