Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our 1st Home Improvement Purchase…

For most of you this is probably something you never really think about but for a moment please humor me. You’re in your home and you are preparing to take a shower but at the very last moment before you get into the water you realize you need a towel. But, the clean towels are out in the dryer that’s near a whole bunch of large windows that of course don’t have any curtains or blinds on them.
What do you do?
Well, over the past month I have learned to run, belly crawl, and duck out of the way on numerous naked occasions so my neighbors wouldn’t get a peek at anything they didn’t want to see. I’m not The Great White Hunter, who is ok with walking around in a towel or less, on some occasions, not caring who may be passing by.
Well that is until last week when we had blinds installed in every window in the house. So, for all of our visitors moving forward you will not have to worry about having the sun peek in your window 1st thing in the morning and to all of our neighbors you no longer have to worry about seeing too much of us.

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