Friday, February 25, 2011

Everything is bigger in Texas...

Last week The Great White Hunter headed to Texas for a company meeting leaving me HOME ALONE. Now, if any of you follow my blog you've probably read somewhere that I don't do the best when I'm HOME ALONE. Needless, to say I was pretty sure that any robbers, killers or monsters in the neighborhood were waiting for my husband to leave to attack our precious home. It was a very long (2) nights of jumping ready to attack at every sound I heard. But, thankfully I lived through it and on Friday of that week I headed to Texas as well. The PBR held their annual Iron Cowboy event at Cowboy's Stadium in Arlington and this year timing was perfect for The Great White Hunter to join me for the weekend. We were able to sneak away on Friday evening for an AMAZING dinner just the (2) of us to celebrate V-Day. We went to Bob's Steak and Chop House near downtown Dallas. We both had amazing steaks and really enjoyed the old gangster type atmosphere. On Saturday morning the craziness started at 9:00 and didn't end till about midnight.
But, one of the bonuses this year was a Toby Keith concert before the bull riding began. We got to watch the concert from about (15) feet away from where he was performing. It was awesome but a bit loud! Another bonus was we escorted Jerry Jones into the stadium. Like a normal small town girl I had no idea that was the plastic looking guy walking behind us until The Great White Hunter got super excited and explained who he was. These two former single people had a blast in the house that Jerry built!

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