Sunday, February 6, 2011

My New Workspace

This past week The Great White Hunter was nice enough to add a little investment to my new jewelry making by purchasing me a new work space. He keeps saying that he’s just letting me borrow it, but he knows it really does work better for me. It’s an old flying tying desk that we purchased from a couple out of Woodland Park.
When we arrived to look at the desk we had discussed with my dad our strategy and we were ready to deal. Upon entering the home where the desk was located The Great White Hunter noticed the many hunting trophies all over the walls. Of course this sparked his interest and he and the husband of the couple started chatting about his many hunting adventures. Come to find out he used to be the chief editor for Buckmasters Magazine and was the one who invented the Buckmasters Scoring system. For all you hunters’ out there getting to meet someone like this is a BIG deal for someone who spends the majority of their time hunting, ie The Great White Hunter. For all of the rest of us, his wife ended up being amazing and her and I ended up checking out Etsy.  Well, we came home with the desk which was a one of kind built out of cypress and sycamore by a man down around the Alabama area. Did we stick to our strategy? Nope, but The Great White Hunter was more excited about who we bought the desk from then getting a good deal.  Now, our 1st furniture purchase as a married couple has a cool story and it’s really a piece I don’t think we’ll be getting rid of very soon.  

Side Note - For those of you that read this post about our new piece of furniture I'll let you in on a little "secret" first. This past week my husband had a first of his very own! He apparently didn't learn from his speedy wife and he received his first speeding ticket as a married man. Moral of the story - every once in a while pay attention to your wife if you know what's good for you.

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