Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pig Buying Season

At the end of March beginning of April an amazing thing happens, 4-H pigs from all over the U.S. become one hot commodity. That's right it's officially Pig Buying Season and for that lucky 4-H'er this means going out on the prowl to find what could possibly the next county or state fair champion. Something that is really every 4-H'ers dream of winning. Both The Great White Hunter and I were 4-H geeks for 10+ years and as we discuss our future we hope that someday our kids will follow in our footsteps. Well, until we have kids of our own we have the next best thing nieces, nephews and the adopted nieces and nephews. This is just a small group of kids that we love to help with everything from sports to of course 4-H. The Great White Hunter is really known for his "PPPP" that is his Perfect Pig Picking Process. That's right last year TGWH was fortunate enough to help two boys choose their 4-h pigs at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season one was crowned Reserve Champion and the other Champion. Well, needless to say the pressure is ON for this year's pig picking process.

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to help the Broadster, aka Brody, start his hunt for the perfect pig. (Side Note - this story and the photos to follow are very vague due to the high secure nature of the location of purchase and the end result.) We headed north to an undisclosed location where we looked at over 200+ pigs at a local ranch and then at a 4-H auction. It was a splendid day and Broadster ended up with (3) purchases. To end the day we hit Good Times/Taco Johns where the whole crew ate and ate and ate.  Oh, I forgot to mention by the end of the day there was also a funk that followed us. That's right we had all been hit by the pig funk that funny smell that everyone notices but no one wants to own up to. These two former single people are excited for this year's 4-H season!

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