Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turbo What Update…

Ok, so I’m officially on week 15 of the Turbo Fire workout. For those of you that saw my first post on my blog and after dong the calendar math you would know I’m a bit behind the program. I’m not going to lie I lost two weeks at Christmas time when I gave myself two weeks off for good behavior, not a good idea. I got back on the bandwagon the beginning of January and have not looked back. I must say it has been extremely hard to work out on the weekends, what I consider my off time. But, I have done it to an extent and am still working on it. J In my 1st blog I commented on how much I loved the program and I can tell you I still love it as much as when I started. Oh, and I feel a heck of a lot tougher now that I’m kicking and punching an invisible person every morning. Plus, the choreography has gotten so much easier and you can honestly put a lot more effort into every move because you start to know what is coming next.
I was not a good Turbo Fire starter and I did not take any measurements, which I’m a bit bummed about now. But, my wonderful husband tells me that he can see a difference so I’ll definitely believe him.
Turbo Fire try it, it’s STILL amazing!

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