Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Broadmoor

This past Sunday we attended brunch at the Broadmoor as a Christmas celebration with The Great White Hunter’s family. We had Tanya, Casey, Allie, Linda, Steve, Courtney, Jim, Deana, Kathleen, Cliff and of course The Great White Hunter and me. This was a buffet style meal and included anything from the normal breakfast type food, sushi, salads, fruit, cheeses, pastries, all kinds of meats and many different types of sides. If I had to choose my favorite dish it would have been the eggs Benedict, it was delectable. Then came the desserts there were tarts, cheesecakes, cakes, a chocolate fountain, ice cream, desserts that included liquor, a cookie brownie type mixture and of course the family’s favorite bananas foster. Everyone sat and ate in shifts for about 2 and half hours. I believe Steve and The Great White Hunter were pretty close for the most food ate, but The Great White hunter may have won slightly. Well, actually it could have been his (5) rounds of banana foster that put him over the winning edge. I on the other stand within the pack but really impressed people with my dessert capacity. For those of you that know me you know dessert is my favorite. But, this was the first time The Great White Hunter’s family saw me with an all-you-can eat type environment. Needless to say I think I impressed them or maybe sickened them by my ability to put away the sweets. Once the display of eating was concluded we all rolled ourselves out the door to enjoy the amazing weather by the lake.  The Great White Hunter and I finished off the day with a nice nap, to help our stomach digest of course.

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