Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our 1st Christmas Tree

Growing up my family always had (2) Christmas trees. One tree was real and was decorated with handmade lace decorations, babies breathe and sparkling white lights. While the other tree was fake and was thrown up on by all kid oriented Christmas decorations from hand made one of a kind popsicle stick frames to ornaments that had been given to us as we were growing up. When I bought my own home I choose to go the fake route with my Christmas tree and I choose to decorate it with ornaments that my parents had given me each Christmas while I was growing up. The other half of this relationship grew up with all kinds of real Christmas trees, even a yucca plant Christmas tree one year.  When The Great White Hunter purchased his first home he celebrated Christmas by not having a Christmas tree, yes he was the typical bachelor. This year when the holiday season rolled around we decided that we would start and family tradition, cutting down our own tree. Yes, along with the Griswolds we would travel from the city out into the wilderness to find a perfect tree that had a shining light on it while a choir sang Halleluiah in the background.  (Side note – due to my pickiness I was informed that this was no longer a family tradition because I take to darn long to choose a tree.)
We traveled along with my sister and her family north of Calhan to some land that my Brother-In-Law’s family owns. We started the trek around the woods to find (2) perfect Christmas trees. The weather was a bit chilly by lucky unlikely Audrey (from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) we weren’t frozen from the waist down and all stayed pretty warm. The Maranville family was the 1st to find their perfect tree and after a full party search and a couple of maybes Will and I found our perfect tree.
When we arrived home with the tree we were pleasantly surprised that it was the perfect height and width and there was no cutting necessary. We decided to get all new decorations (green, gold and red balls) and The Great White Hunter was very excited to use some of his feathers from past hunting trips. 

Our 1st tree is a perfect representation of our new world, the tree like our relationship is not always perfect (Side note – There are no perfect trees randomly placed out in the middle of nowhere) but when we add in the bulbs that are chic and shiny but simple (my two cents) and the feathers from a dead wild animal (The Great White Hunter’s contribution) the tree turns into an amazing piece of Holiday Cheer one that we are both pleased with.



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