Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our 1st Christmas

We’ll we officially survived our 1st Christmas as husband and wife. It was completely crazy with (3) days of non-stop Holiday jolliness. Instead of boring you with all of the details I’ll give you a quick schedule summary.
Christmas Eve Early Morning – Opened our gifts from Santa. I got an awesome pair of binoculars and a Starbucks gift card.
Christmas Eve Morning – Drop gifts off at dads. This would be the first year I’ve ever missed CE at my dads.
Christmas Eve Late Morning – Drop gifts off for the Schneider kids and chat
Christmas Eve Early Afternoon – Head to the White’s to meet-up and head east to the Sewald Christmas Eve celebration
Christmas Eve Night – We attended the Sewald celebration where I took honorable mention with my mud pie, The Great White Hunter got a new pair of gloves in the man gift exchange and I got a scarf (which I took) in the ladies gift exchange.
Christmas Morning – Woke up at the White’s and opened gifts with the entire family. The Great White Hunter and I scored with awesome gift cards. We then ate a quick meal of eggs Benedict prepared by Will’s sister Tanya that were amazing. We all ate enough to make ourselves sick or it could have been the tiny éclairs Deanna had set out.
Christmas Afternoon – Dinner at Cliff and Kathleen’s, The Great White Hunter's aunt & uncle, with the entire family
Christmas Evening – Dessert and Coffee at my dad’s house.
Day after Christmas – We went to a Holiday celebration in at my mom’s house with my uncle, my nephew, Scott, Sarah, the kids and Pam. We opened a ton of gifts and ate all day long. Needless to say by the end of this day we were happy we wouldn’t have to eat for a week.
These two former single people had a pretty crazy Christmas with our new “married” schedule but it was worth getting to spend all of the time with everyone in the family. Happy Holidays!

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