Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year…

I was just telling the Great White Hunter that after all the craziness of the holidays I realized one thing, we didn’t get one picture of us together. We didn’t get one at Christmas and we didn’t get one this past Friday evening when we rang in the New Year at our friend Garrett’s house. It was a small gathering with some of our besties from up north. We played Wii for most of the evening while drinking adult beverages. (Side Note – I’m trying to make this PG in case my niece reads this.) My friend Debbie and I were holding our own against a very beat driven 5 year old during the game “Just Dance 2”.  But, let me tell you after enough adult beverages this very white country girl would have given Tina Turner a run for her money dancing along with this game.
Since I officially don’t have any photos of The Great White Hunter and myself from this past New Years I’m instead going to post a photo of my 1st step towards achieving one of my New Years resolutions.  My fabulous husband told me that if I start making my own jewelry he would buy the beads. So, Whala… Here’s one of my first creations, (3) bracelets to match a necklace my friend Emily and I bought while on a fabulous little shopping trip. I know it’s not much, but compared to what I would have spent on a bracelet to match the necklace this was a much better decision.  
Now to my New Years resolution, I’m hoping to keep getting better and better at this little trade and by the end of the year create my own page on Etsy to sell my creations off of. That’s right Ladies, watch out this former single girl has a new hobby and I’m taking orders today.
Happy New Years!!!

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