Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday

At 2:48 am I was awaken by our very loud visitors (Sarah and Sandra) getting up and motivated. It was time for the elbow throwing, tripping, slapping and all of the other wonders of Black Friday to begin. (Side Note – for all of you out there that think I’m crazy for going shopping on Black Friday this has been a mother daughter tradition for 5+ years and we LOVE it.) The three of us made our way to Colorado Springs to pick up my mom at four hundred hours (Side Note – 4:00am). We headed to the mall where we were met with no lines and front row parking. (Side Note – due to our competitive nature I’m not allowed to give out specific information of our Black Friday strategy.) We hit some amazing sales and were able to pick up some really good deals. We shopped and shopped and shopped and finally ended our day at 4:30pm. If you do the math we left my house at 3:30 am and arrived back home at 4:30 pm that’s 13 hours of shopping. Let the Holidays begin!

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