Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our 1st Thanksgiving

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year, so killing two firsts with one turkey. (Side note – referencing killing two birds with one stone.) Our 1st Thanksgiving together and hosting our 1st family holiday meal. We are planning on around (10) people at our home tomorrow and we are both so excited or maybe that’s nausea we’re feeling. Anyways, I wanted to pass along my definitions of each letter of the word Thanksgiving as The Great White Hunter and I prepare for tomorrow's event. Here it goes;   

T – is for Turkey which The Great White Hunter plans to grill, so weird
H – is for Home where we are blessed to host our first Thanksgiving
A – is for Amen what we’ll say after the prayer
N – is for No one will be leaving the table hungry
K – is for Katie because well that’s my name
S – is for the Savory pies that my sister and Charley are making
G – is for the Gigantic mess that will be made in our kitchen
I – is for the Incredible people that will be visiting
V – is for Victory the word we plan to shout if we pull this off
I – is for Intoxicated which some of us may end up being J
N – is for Noon one hour and counting before dinner is served
G – is for Giving and that’s really what the day is all about
Wish us luck as these two former single people try to pull off their 1st Thanksgiving dinner.

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