Friday, November 19, 2010

Our 1st Adult Purchase

This past week The Great White Hunter surprised me with a fabulous catalog full of all kinds of goodies that we could purchase using his credit card points that he has stacked up over the years. Like a good newly married couple we sat down to discuss our big purchase. Should we buy the big TV to add to the other (5) TVs we own, including one that isn’t even plugged in and (2) that are sitting out in the barn. Or a new kitchen appliance that counter top mixer wouldn’t be a bad addition. Jewelry, yes ladies there was jewelry in this catalog, big blingy jewelry. Well, after discussing it we decided on a new vacuum. Yes, everyone a vacuum. If you read my previous blog or talk to me at all you know that over this past weekend our current vacuum died on me. So, like good adults we decided that a vacuum is just what we needed and just like our child like maturity we needed to find the coolest vacuum possible. So, we decided on the LG Luv300B. Amazing! It looks really cool and apparently it works pretty well to, but I’ll give my review once I have used it for a while.  

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