Friday, November 12, 2010

Our 1st Valley...

The Great White Hunter and I have been married for total of (76) days and for the 1st time we had to look to each other for support and comfort. Will’s grandmother Jean Sewald suffered a stroke last Tuesday. Wednesday morning I placed a phone call to my marriage extraordinaire, my sister Sarah. (Side note – this is the person I call when I have the question “As a wife what should I do?” and she usually has pretty decent advice for me.) (Side story – she called me the other day for wife advice, should I reiterate The Great White Hunter and I have only been married (76) days.) Ok, I placed a call to my sister to see what a wife is supposed to do in this situation and she replied “Ask him.” Well, this is the 1st time in a long time I’ve had to be there for anyone, especially a guy. The Great White Hunter called me later that morning and said he was headed north to visit his grandma and like a good new wife I asked if he would like me to go along. Of course, he responded if you want to. (Side note – does anyone really want to go hang out at a hospital I mean really.) So, Will and I headed north to visit grandma. We were met at the hospital by numerous family members and that’s when the severity of the situation hit. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place and it was clearly my 1st test of staying strong. Will said hello to his grandpa and by the time they began to hug both men were showing their emotion. You don’t realize how hard it is to watch your husband suffer and know that really the only thing you can do is be there for him. Will went in to see his grandmother and she recognized and actually gave him a hard time for not showing up at the families Halloween party that took place the past weekend. (Side note – the Sewald’s celebrate every holiday with a party.) Will was unable to respond to his grandmother as he was taken aback by the emotions he was feeling at the time. Will and I visited the hospital the next evening and again Will went into visit his grandma. This time she was not awake and did not respond as he was chatting with her.
Sadly, Jean Sewald went home to the lord on Saturday the 6th. We learned of her passing as me, The Great White Hunter, my father-in-law, sister-in-law and niece were headed to Holly for Allie’s, The Great White Hunter’s niece, 1st birthday. See, we all believe that grandma passed away just in time to make it to the 1st birthday party, heaven forbid she miss it.
We took part in a family dinner this last Wednesday evening and the funeral yesterday. It was amazing to see the family together. I realized this past week how lucky I am to marry into such an amazing clan.  I also learned what it meant to be a wife and to be there for your husband. For the 1st time I had to be the rock the one that could stand next to a very emotional man and be there when he needed your shoulder to cry on or your hand to hold. I felt pretty useless at times, but really he just wanted to know that I was there for him.
One of my good friends told me that in life there are mountains and valleys and sometimes you get stuck in those valleys but you just have to rely on the big guy upstairs to get you through it. And, this past week was the 1st time these two former single people had to rely on each other and trust in the lord during a big valley.  But, luckily we survived and are on our way back up.  

Grandpa Frank, Me, The Great White Hunter & Grandma Jean
My favorite Grandma Story
The Great White Hunter would tell me about the amazing chocolate chip cookies he use to eat at his grandma's house. Well, during one of my bridal showers I receive a mixer from grandma Jean so I thought it was a perfect time to ask her about her secret to making The Great White Hunters favorite cookies. I went over and I began to tell her how I've heard all about her cookies and then asked what's her secret. She responded without hesitation "Well, I just baked the frozen cookie dough you buy at the store."
Yes, she was a woman of many different hats and she was able to wear all of them very well.

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