Sunday, November 28, 2010


We started off the morning at 7:00am when we placed both turkeys in their cooking contraptions for the day. The guests began to arrive promptly at 10:00am when the relish tray and bloody mary’s were served. Ads were looked through during the morning while off and on football games were being watched. The side dishes were made by me, my mother and Pam and The Great White Hunter and Scott took care of the turkeys. (Side Note –Scott did mash the potatoes and they did turn out amazing.) Charley, mom, Pam and I made the turkey gravy that really turned out to be the best gravy I’ve ever attempted.

At approximately 1:15 dinner was served………..(Side Note – holding out for the drama affect.)

All of the food tasted amazing! Even the grilled turkey was amazing and actually much juicier then the bird that roasted all morning. After tasting the results I would recommend grilling a turkey to anyone. Plus, the bird doesn’t have to cook on as high of heat and it takes just as long as it takes in a roaster or oven. AMAZING – I give props to The Great White Hunter on that little cooking find.

We finished up the afternoon with more ad surveying, naps of course and some home movies. My sister contributed the pies and they were awesome; pumpkin cream, mocha silk and caramel apple. We had a few guests come and go but everyone finally left around 9:00 that evening.

Ladies and gentlemen I can’t believe it but these two former single people pulled off killing two firsts with one turkey.

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